Altru Cancer Project

Altru Cancer Project is building a network of those with the greatest capacity to advance cures to cancers. Our focus is on the discovery of breakthroughs for whom we provide a platform to accelerate their progress.

We provide a suite of critical necessary communications services at a fraction of the cost if done internally or subcontracted to multiple vendors.  We improve a company’s presentation, increase their reach and enhance the odds of success.


As part of a community called the “Cancer Consortium” scientists, entrepreneurs and impact investors to advance progress through collaboration.

Our goal is to accelerate progress by connecting most innovative approaches with the most talented. We help connect scientists, physicians, entrepreneurs and impact investors to advance progress through our platform which contains four communications tools:

  • News and Information Site

  • Cancer Progress Report newsletter

  • Global Cancer Database of emerging companies and technologies

  • Ecosystem Reports directory of resources

The following pages describe the benefits for companies who join this effort. outlines the integrated communications platform created to foster collaboration among all those engaged in finding cures. 

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